Adrenalin Detector was established on 12.07.2010 to realize the production of devices which are used in
the field of electromagnetic detection technology.

Adrenalin Detector has been continuing its research and development activities on metal detectors, field
scans, video detectors and geophysical measuring devices since its inception. As a result of years of
research, Adrenalin Detector produces professional detectors especially used in treasure searches with
its trained staff. Produced professional detectors are used in geological surveys, geophysical
measurements, underground mineral exploration, underground water resources and soil structure

The devices produced are field scanning devices, metal and metal detectors having the aspect of
producing 2d - 3d images, and electromagnetic geophysical radars capable of 3D image analysis.
Adrenaline Detector’s professional products are used successfully in Hobby, Military, Ballistics, Geology,
Archeology, Construction and Mining fields.