3D gold detector Z.18 gives the professional user the shape, depth and size of the object
that it finds under the ground as a 3D graphic image in a computer program. The Z-18 professional gradiometer underground imaging device provides much deeper detection than conventional metal detectors. ( 15meters )

Adrenaline Z-18 Professional, the 3D gold detector imaging device was developed specifically for deep treasure and mineral exploration. It works successfully in all kinds of mineral floors. The Z-18, the best underground imaging device developed for visual treasure detection, can easily detect targets at depths that can not be achieved by professional systems.

The most striking feature that distinguishes the adrenaline z-18 professional from its peers is its
simultaneous 3D signal processing and magnetic field editing. The Z-18 professional gradiometer underground imaging system detects very precisely metals, tombs, cellars, tunnels, mines, and ancient building remains that differ from the natural soil structure in the searched area by using multi-sensor technology. Gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron-derived metals and mineral deposits are successfully identified metal objects.


Z-18 Professional multi-sensor technology scans large areas in high precision and high resolution in a
short time.

Thanks to special frequencies sent by Z-18 professional underground imaging devices, electromagnetic reflections such as radio signals, transmitter signals, telephone signals, satellite signals, which cause incorrect measurement are blocked.

• Manual Shot Image Transfer
• Detector Mode Metal Separation - Live shooting
• Auto Capture Image Transfer (10-20-30-40-50),