3D metal detector treasure hunters need telephone 3D metal detector magnetometer because of the difficulties of the laws in the country. Adrenaline Secret Imager is the first and best disguised 3D metal detector which meets the needs. Nobody wants to be seen when searching treasure with a searching device in the field, on the street or in the garden in today's conditions. As a result of  long-term studies, disguised underground imaging device named Secret Imager has been developed for all these compulsory needs. You can easily search invisibly while using Secret Imager.


Secret Imager is definitely not been understood by anyone thanks to the small structure of it when you search with a treasure searching device. Since the 3D live image data taken by Secret Imager  is controlled by the mobile phone, no one else knows what you are doing. The details, shape, depth and size of the target that are determined by Secret Imager can be easily understood with 3D analysis program.


Secret Imager can be used easily by everyone. It has a very simple usage. Anyone who has a mobile phone, can use Secret Imager. You do not need any extra knowledge. You will enjoy searching treasure via Secret Imager.


The underground imaging device which has been developed to search for treasure in depth, works successfully in all kinds of ground. It can easily detect deep targets that similar systems cannot reach.


Metals, graves, cellars, tunnels, mines and ancient ruins  in the target area can be detected easily with advanced sensors. Successfully identified objects are mainly structures with space, ancient ruins, metal objects such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron, and mineral deposits.




•    Image Transfer of manual filming ( 10-20-30 )

•    Live Filming Live Scan – Metal Seperation



•    maximum depth    •    10 Metre

•    working temperature    •    0C / 50C

•    storage temperature •    -20C / 60C

•    Air humudity    •    %5 – %75

•    Data T. and technology •    Bluetooth

•    Weight    •    200 gr

•    Dimensions   •    70 x 140 x 24 mm

•    Voltage    •    9V DC