Best metal detector for gold Ground Analyzer is manufactured with the best gold detector technology to search for deeper treasures. With the treasure searching device Ground Analyzer you can detect spaces and metal. The ground analyzer indicates the type and depth of the metal to the user on the LCD screen. The ground analyzer informs the user of the size of the gap and the estimated depth by means of a graphical shape on the LCD screen.


It is the first professional pulse detector which has very easy usage. People who have never used a
detector will learn and enjoy all the features of the Ground Analyzer in just 5 minutes.
It enables deep exploration under harsh soil conditions without being affected by minerals.With the
help of feature of finding gaps, ground analyzer pulse metal detector can detect open or closed gaps
such as graves, vineyards, tunnels up to 4 meters.


Ground Analyzer, with advanced metal separation feature, allows the user to determine the metal
type of deep targets between 0-99 numerical values ​​without any operation.
It has high sensitivity to all types of metal. Ground Analyzer makes researching enjoyable for treasure
seekers, engineers, geologists, archaeologists, scientists and more thanks to its easy usage.


• 00-40 Copper, Brass, Bronze
• 40-50 Silver, Aluminum, Large Gold
• 50-70 Iron, Steel
• 65-88 Mixed Metal (Tin), Lead
• 89-98 Small Gold, Platinum, Polished Metals (small)