Long range locator Adrenalin twin system are professional treasure scanner used by two people. It gives much better results than its counterparts thanks to its advanced mineral screening filter. It can make accurate determinations without being affected by the mineral.

Thanks to reactive resonance coupling, Adrenaline long range locator are capable of very successful metal separation. Metal separation takes place in the researched area within a maximum diameter of 100 meters and a depth of 6 meters. It can be detect ed by distinguishing precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze and copper with twin system search bars. The space searching bars are advanced
technology products designed to detect closed space structures such as burial cellar
tunnel caves.


The twin system has been developed to detect precious metals buried or lost a long time ago. It provides the opportunity to detect gold nuggets and many more precious metals in large areas in a short time. The treasure long range locator determines the target location with accurate and good resonance separation largely.

The gold searching device used by two people is the best area scanner bars that have been proven to be superior in performance by professional treasurers, treasure hunters, archaeologists and mining companies.


Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and closed space structures can be determined by resonance separation. Every metal found under the ground has a different magnetic identity. Magnetic identification differences of the detected metals exert various push and pull forces on the signal receiving rods.

Thanks to the advanced resonance metal separation designed by the adrenaline detector, precious and worthless metal separation of the detected metals is made. Magnetic resonance differences (separation) of metals and cavities under ground can be understood by possible reactive movement and shape differences on electronic signal sensing antennas.